Become a GIF AVB (Approved Validation Body)

Stay-Woke is the programme operator (PO) of the “GIF ESG Rating Scheme”, independent third-party voluntary programme aiming to evaluate the exposure level to potential and actual risks that can result into future adverse impacts on the organization and its stakeholders. The evaluation refers to the GIF Framework consisting of principles, the criteria and metric and is conducted during a Due Diligence process.

Only Approved Validation Bodies are authorized to conduct Due Diligence within the GIF ESG Rating Scheme (The Programme).

This logo means that a Validation Bodies is approved by Stay-Woke to conduct the GIF Due Diligence on applicant organization.

Stay-Woke awards the credential and logo of Approved Validation Body only to legal entities meeting the eligibility criteria, positively completing the approval process and signing a contractual agreement with Stay-Woke Association.

Upon positive completion of the Due Diligence the AVB grants to the assessed unit the validated claim of responsibility for sustainable development “GIF Responsible Organization” (According to ISO/TS 17033).

Approved Validation Bodies

The List of Approved Validation Bodies within the GIF ESG Rating Scheme is available here


To become an Approved Validation Body the following approval criteria must be met:

  • Legal entity
  • Stay-Woke Supporting Member
  • Valid accreditation as Validation Body against the standards ISO 17033 and ISO 17029 issued by an Accreditation body signatory of the EA/IAF MLA international agreements of mutual recognition. (In Italy Accreditation against UNI/Pdr 102:2021 is also required)

For more detailed information download the document GIF DOC 200 Validation Body Criteria

Approval process

The approval process consists of an assessment conducted by Stay-Woke Assessor.

For more detailed information download the document GIF DOC 201 VB Approval Process


Upon positive completion of the approval process Stay-Woke and the AVB (Approved Validation Body) enter into a binding contractual agreement.

For more detailed information download the document: GIF DOC 202 AVB Agreement.

Use of GIF AVB Mark

The AVB shall use the GIF AVB Mark according to the document: GIF DOC 101 Terms of Use of GIF programme claim mark and label

Fee Structure

Stay-Woke applies fees to the AVBs according to the GIF DOC  201 AVB Fee Structure